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Our Alliance to Move the Federal Workforce Forward

When your team becomes more knowledgeable and adaptable, we all benefit.

It's critical to all of us that our Federal workforce is educated and has the skills to adapt to whatever changes come our way. That's why we're pleased to offer this alliance that supports your ability to attract and retain a talented workforce.

There are several ways we support you.

  • Affordable, Mission-critical Degree Programs
    When you add our 20% scholarship offer to our already affordable tuition rate, your employees will find our programs among the most affordable of all Federal Government academic alliance members. And, because we are a leader in adult learning, our commitment is to offer the most current and relevant learning programs for today's workforce.
  • The Right Education for Your Agency
    We work with some of the largest corporations in the U.S. and are experts at identifying learning programs to support your workforce attraction, development and retention needs.
  • Working With You to Engage Your Team
    We know that simply making a website available to your employees is not enough to engage them in the career-advancing opportunities that education can bring. In our work with more than 50 corporate and nonprofit enterprises, we know how to support your efforts to inform and engage your team. We are happy to help you develop a communications plan, including outreach materials, and events. Just let us know how we can help!
  • Free Career Resources
    We know that the primary reason adult learners participate in education is career advancement. We want to support them in that goal. That's why we offer resources - ranging from books to white papers to webinars - to inspire talented, motivated team members. And they're all free for you to offer your team because we are your Alliance Member.

Training Officer Toolkit

Federal government employees now have access to affordable degree programs that can have real impact on their careers and on your agency. Bellevue University is a proven leader in supporting the learning needs of career-motivated adult learners, and our wide selection of degrees are relevant to the real world of mission-critical occupations today.

This is a WIN/WIN/WIN – for your employees, for you, and for our government. Please share this dynamic program with your team. Refer them to this site or they can call 866-827-8467.

Share These Resources With Your Team

We have made professional promotional materials about this dynamic program available for download:

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


To learn more about all the ways we can support your agency's goals of recruiting, developing, and retaining talented team members, inquire here:

Tools You Can Use to Advance Your Career

Charles Wright, Bellevue University's Director of Undergraduate Admissions, talks about why the University offers free career resources and how to make the most of them.

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