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Data Science Foundations

Graduate level

Organizations are collecting vast amounts of data about customers, operations and financial performance. This certificate prepares you to analyze and make relevant discoveries from large data sets. It introduces you to the vocabulary, programming languages, big data frameworks, statistics and tools commonly used in data science. Some background in math, computing, and statistics is helpful, but no experience is required.

Courses in this certificate include:

This course introduces the possibilities, history, and ethics surrounding Data Science. Basics of data science are explored, including vocabulary, programming languages, big data frameworks, visualization, and statistics. Prior programming experience is not needed for this course.
This course introduces the Python programming language as a tool to clean, slice, and build tools to analyze an existing dataset. Basic principles of programming are explored as well as techniques for configuring a computer for data science work. Prerequisite: Recommend DSC 500
The R programming language and software environment is commonly used to explore all types of data. Using R, students perform statistical tests on the data. Report writing and presentation of data are introduced. Prerequisite: Recommend DSC 500

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