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Web Application

Undergraduate level

The Web Application Certificate is designed for those seeking to quickly develop skills in writing JavaScript web applications. The three courses are offered in an immersive, boot camp style giving students hands-on software development experience. Each course is designed to be 3 weeks in length, full time, with real-time participation.

Courses in this certificate include:

This course examines the fundamentals specific to web development. Topics will include web standards, accessibility/usability, and the coding languages which serve as the foundation for web development: HTML and CSS. Students work with these languages at a basic level, learning the essential structures, coding conventions, and best practices associated with the effective use of HTML and CSS in modern web-development environments. Prerequisite: Basic computer literacy
Learn JavaScript by writing JavaScript. This course covers the concepts of programming using JavaScript in the Enterprise. Focus is on the JavaScript programming language syntax, software design, coding, documenting, and debugging strategies. Topics include Data Types, Reference Types, Operators, Objects, Control Statements, and Functions. Projects use these topics in an intensive, hands-on format to build enterprise relevant solutions. GitHub is used to host and share coding projects. Prerequisite: WEB 200
Master JavaScript by learning and solving real-world problems. This course continues where the introductory JavaScript course left off. Students use a wide range of JavaScript programming strategies to build interactive programs. Topics include object-oriented programming, unit testing, asynchronous executions, files and streams, lambda expressions, and module bundlers. Problem solving using advanced JavaScript techniques is emphasized. GitHub is used to host and share coding projects. Prerequisite: WEB 231

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