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Professional Banking Operations & Leadership

Bachelor of Science Degree

Originally designed exclusively for SunTrust, and already completed by more than 100 teammates, this degree is for those who want to make banking their career. The major includes 12 courses that cover the full spectrum of banking operations, from client base to profit margins, to leadership principles.

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Courses in the major include:

This first course for the Professional Banking Operations & Leadership program provides students with a foundational overview of the banking industry to include examination of how a bank operates, how profit is generated, and how successful growth is fostered. Students also explore the key banking relationships among the functions of retail, commercial, investment, and international banking, and how the functions operate together to succeed in the industry.
Students examine Key Performance Indicators for the bank and the banking organization. This course provides students with an understanding of how the various segments of the bank contribute to the overall success and profitability of the organization. Students will also translate the bank's organizational goals into departmental goals and individual objectives.
This course illustrates the importance of preserving acceptable client service levels, while at the same time achieving optimum operational levels for service, direct sales, and cross-sell referral opportunities. Students will examine how to draft a service plan and apply service level diagnostics to assess client loyalty, effective problem solving, and successful sales and referrals.
Winning banks depend on successful strategic execution of organizational, functional, and client satisfaction goals and objectives. This course introduces students to the operations of the bank including security, regulation, risk and fraud, and overall banking operational procedures. Students will then work to evaluate and respond to operational situations in order to learn how to mitigate risks that would otherwise threaten the organization.
The client experience is the true measure of the success of banking organization, strategies, and operations. In this course students will work to identify the role and definition of the banking client, analyze the importance of client relationships toward future growth and success of the organization, as well as assess service quality and the impact of the team toward the ultimate client experience.
In an ever-changing banking climate, it is imperative that the professional banker is able to both recognize and act on development of a successful marketing approach for the business. Students in this course will discover the concepts of local market segmentation and how to apply the proper tools that best aid the successful banking leader to effectively analyze the market. Students will also explore the requirements of the banking leader to address market segmentation to increase overall sales as a key indicator of success in the banking space.
Effective and efficient communication skills are essential for successful leadership in the banking industry. This course will introduce students to the forms and processes of human communication, both interpersonal and in the workplace, as well as the tactics of understanding, analyzing, and evaluating messages, negotiation, and conflict resolution fundamentals. Students will also analyze communication technologies used in the banking industry.
Students in this course will determine the importance of the front line role in consultative and referral based selling that the bankers must manage in order to effectively impact the overall success of the organization. Students will also explore, assess, and apply tools and methods used to motivate and coach teammates in order to increase sales and market share for the organization.
Students in this course will understand the role of an effective team from the leadership perspective. The course will illustrate how effective leaders work to establish personal goals for each teammate, which align with department and organizational goals. Students will also discover the skill sets necessary to sustain the business and the clients through best practices and performance.
Professionals in the banking industry must clearly understand the fundamental components of organizational financial statements. This course will provide a comprehensive, yet applied review and analysis of key financial analysis elements including an annual report, a balance sheet, an income statement, and a net worth statement. Students will also work to identify the various ratios that the banking organization uses to measure growth and sustainability, while negotiating and balancing financial success for both the short and long term.
Strategic planning and implementation of strategy are essential for any banking organization. This course guides students through the core concepts and provides opportunities to apply key knowledge, skills, and abilities required to lead a banking team through the strategic planning and implementation process. Students will develop strategic market planning skills, determine profit retention, as well as determine how to expand existing relationships and attract new target group clients, all at the same time managing costs.
This final course of the Banking Operations & Leadership Program is a capstone course. Students will work to evaluate the program objectives learned from the previous eleven courses. Working in teams, students will examine a banking scenario and prepare a formal recommendation. The course scenarios and presentations will provide students a valuable experience in creating strategic and operational plans to address the organization's goals and objectives.

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